Bleu Lavande Essential Oils Set

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Your complete essential oil well-being collection. Bleu Lavande essential oils can be used in endless ways on the skin and in the home for rituals that soothe the body, mind and soul. This set contains the most popular and commonly used essential oils for your aromatherapy well-being routine. Pure, 100% natural and are not diluted or blended with carrier oils, each essential oil in this collection is certified by a Health Canada Natural Product Number.


    • 100% pure: not diluted or blended with other oils
    • Lavender oil – 15ml
    • Eucalyptus oil – 15ml
    • Peppermint oil – 15ml
    • Tea tree oil – 15ml
    • Sweet orange oil – 15ml
    • Geranium oil – 15ml

Suggested use:

  • Topically: Apply diluted essential oils (mix of 1 to 5 drops or 1 tsp with a vegetable oil) on skin to help relieve
  • coughs / colds, headaches and joint/muscle pain associated with sprains/strains/rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Inhalation: Add a few drops to your bath, for direct inhalation and steam inhalation
  • Diffusion: Use in your diffuser inside your home for a natural smell of pure essential oil. Use as per directed by your
  • diffuser’s owner’s guide.
  • For directions to use, please refer to the user’s guide provided inside the box of your order.

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