100% Pure Ceylon Cloves (Syzygium aromaticum)

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Ceylon Cloves (The Flower Spice)

 Cloves are known as “flower spices” and possess a strong, aromatic sweet flavor. These beautiful cloves are carefully hand-picked, sorted and checked for quality and are grouped according to color, size, and percentage of stems, and moisture.

Cloves HPS is the most superior grade of cloves. This grade contains good full sized bud cloves with a beautiful color. Cloves No.1 is the second best grade in cloves. This grade is mostly the full bud cloves with a small percentage of headless cloves. Cloves FAQ is a mixture of full bud cloves, headless cloves and some stems.

Ceylon  Clove the “Flower Spice” in the World Market


Cloves are used in pharmaceutical, dental hygienic, medicinal, perfumery industries and for food. Clove oil is used for treatment in skin diseases where its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties help to heal diseases not forgetting the use as treatment for toothaches, bad breath and arthritis. Cloves also assist in reducing congestion whilst stimulating digestion.

Due to the smoky flavor in the Ceylon Clove, it’s been used in food culinary in the western and eastern cuisines.

Ceylon Cloves are also used in cigars, perfumes, toothpastes, repellants and Ayurveda medicines. Ceylon Cloves are famed from lucrative Indian Ocean Market times as a commercially produced spice which had a high demand. Ceylon Origin Cloves contain a high content of Volatile Oil between 19.5%-23.4%.

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